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Friday, August 09, 2002

The weather has been very hot & humid lately, so I haven't been doing anything garden-wise, which is why there haven't been any entries recently. Pretty much the only thing I've done has been buying various plants, either to plant later when the weather is cooler or to place on my little front porch. I'd bought two hanging baskets of salmon impatiens about two weeks ago & hung them up, but I hadn't felt that was sufficiently "garden-y" to warrant an entry here.

Today the temperature & humidity were both lower, so I did some stuff on the front terrace.

I put dirt and the pyramidal trellises in the green square pots I'd bought a while back and placed them at the front (eastern-most) corners of the front terrace. I removed all of the Christmas lights from the now-dead tree roses (RIP . . .) and placed the pink-and-white strings on the pyramidal trellises -- I haven't put any plants in those pots yet -- I may do that tomorrow. The dead rose trees I removed fom their pots -- I'll probably chop them up for compost sometime soon. I may put either rose of sharon or crape myrtle trees in those pots or possibly some small bushes -- whatever it is, it MUST be heat & drought tolerant, love full sun and be very cold-hardy. No more tree roses!!!! (at least not there . . .)

I also removed the triangle of blue Christmas lights from the trellis I'd put it on in December and put it on top of the green net lights hanging from the brick of the chimney. I think that'll give a nice blue-green look to the chimney. It also make things look less lop-sided, since there was only one net on one of the two trellises, due to my inabilty to find where I'd put the other blue triangle of lights. I'm sure I'd bought two at the after-Christmas sale, but I can't seem to find where I'd put it, so until I find it, on the chimney the one triangle net will stay . . .

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