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Saturday, October 26, 2002

Haven't done anything garden-y lately -- the drought this summer took a toll on my plants -- I'll have to be re-ordering a few things in the spring. It's cool enough, though, to start transplanting stuff -- I'm mostly waiting for things to go dormant before I start moving them around -- it lessens the shock.

I'd bought some purple mums recently and today I put one of them into a a planter with some pinky-purple & lilac pansies on top of the post at the foot of the front stairs --the other (larger) one is at the base of that post with a planter I made today of purple and white pansies in front of it to hide the pot, since the pot the mums were in was too big to put in the planter. I also (finally!) put something into the half-pots I'd put around the column at the top of the front stairs -- more pinky-purple and lilac pansies, although these ones are more pink than the others at the foot of the stairs, almost a light burgundy color, like a nice claret when it's held up to the light. That particular shade looks very nice in those pots, since it is a pretty close match to some of the colors on those planters.

I've also started to put up my outdoor lights -- I have some nice purple trunk wrap I'd bought in last year's Halloween clearance sale that I'm putting on the beams of my little front porch. I've installed an outlet (jury-rigged via extension cords run from the inside through a window) and have put up one package so far. I bought an outdoor light timer to turn the lights on & off since using a photoelectric timer might not work too well -- sometimes the lights will signal the timer to turn everything off because the lights make the area so bright and you end up with a constant flickering effect -- most distracting and NOT what I want to have happen. Ergo the timer. I'll probably put up the rest of the lights on the porch in the next few days.

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